Key problems that require a new lock

New lock and key

Designed using the latest technology and manufactured from robust materials, the latest locks can safeguard homes, businesses, and outdoor buildings. Every lock constructed has its dedicated key that enables access, but if this tool can’t be accounted for or counted on, it presents a significant security risk.

In this blog, we’ll explore some common key problems in detail and the appropriate course of action that home and business owners should take.

Losing track of spare keys

Statistics uncovered by leading insurer LV= found that Britons have an exceptionally relaxed attitude towards home security, with 20 per cent confirming that they often leave either their front or back door entirely unlocked when they step out. Furthermore, millions have confessed to losing track of their spare keys.

A common practice in the UK is to leave a duplicate set of house keys with a trusted neighbour, friend, or family member. Such a move is designed to provide a failsafe in case a homeowner gets locked out and will ensure they don’t need to call out a locksmith.

Figures in the LV= report suggested that on average most households had lost approximately two keys that they had cut for friends and family and even tradespeople carrying out work around their home. As a result, close to 20 million door keys are unaccounted for here in Britain.

A lock is only able to perform its role if the key that opens it is safe. Spare keys must always be accounted for and if you lose track of them, call a locksmith, and change your locks immediately.

If your keys are held by another, make sure that the individual keeps them in a secure location and check in with them periodically to ensure they have not lost them.

Lost keys

We’ve all lost a set of keys at one time or another. The easiest option to resolve the problem taken by most is to simply get a new key cut based on your spare to replace it. However, if you are unsure where your key is, you can’t be sure that it hasn’t fallen into the wrong hands. As a result, if you misplace your key and can no longer account for it, the wisest move is to replace the lock it works with.

Stolen keys

Criminals specialising in burglary understand that the easiest way to obtain entry to a building is using the right key. House and business keys are stolen in muggings, snatch and grab thefts, car break-ins and pocket pilfering in public places. If a wallet or purse is taken during a theft, identity cards often show a person’s home address allowing burglars to find their property. In other cases, once in possession of a key, a burglar will follow an individual on foot or by car to find out where they live.

If your key is stolen, the lock that it matches must be changed immediately. A professional locksmith will ensure that it is fitted correctly, optimising the security it offers. Locks installed improperly can leave buildings vulnerable to trespass.

Get your locks changed fast with an emergency locksmith

If your keys have been compromised, stolen or lost don’t delay calling a locksmith to ensure your property remains protected. The cost of replacing the locks at your home or business is insignificant in comparison to having your personal belongings stolen by a burglar or the hike in your annual insurance premiums after a successful break-in attempt.

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