Going on holiday? Keep your home safe!

Going on holiday? Keep your home safe

The sun is shining high in the sky and this year you can finally go on holiday to your favourite places. Whether you are planning some weekend getaways or you want to head off on a two-week break and have some fun in the sun, your biggest priority shouldn’t just be remembering your passports and swimming costume. Because when you’re away, your home is standing empty and this could be the moment that burglars strike!

Don’t cancel your holiday just yet. Instead, read on to make sure your home is safe for your trip away with our top tips…

Consider automatic lighting

If you don’t have someone staying in your home while you travel, you might think there is no way to give the appearance that someone is home. While leaving the lights on for a week or more won’t fool anyone, you can have a light on a timer so that your house appears lived in.

Don’t post your pics

Social media can be the main way criminals know you aren’t home. It is an easy way for them to tell not only that you’re away, but how long you’ll be gone for. You might want to share your holiday with your friends and family, but keep it in private chats rather than on public forums.

Change locks when needed

Stop and think – do you know who has your key? It can be easy to hand your spare keys out to dog walkers, friends, or people who need to come into your home to perform work like plumbing or gardening. If you have handed your key out over time, or have recently moved into a new property, your local locksmith can help you to change your locks.

Check windows and doors

Even if you haven’t handed out your keys and you have had your locks changed since you moved in, you should still go around your home carefully and check each door and window lock, including those on back gates and outbuildings. Even one faulty lock could provide easy entry to someone who wants to get in while you’re not at home.

Provide keys to a trusted neighbour

If you have trusted neighbours or friends, then make sure they know that you are away and can keep an eye on your home while you’re not in. For longer periods of time, this could also mean gathering up the post on your doormat, as this can be a clear indicator of an empty house. This is also a good idea for emergency situations such as if there is a burst pipe or fire in your home.

Keep the view clear

If your home is hidden from view, it is that much easier for criminals to sneak around and check out the vulnerable spots in your home. Make sure that your neighbours can see your home and that it is visible to those on the street. This could mean trimming back bushes and hedges and moving any items that obscure your home, such as vehicles.

Close the curtains

While your home should be clear to your neighbours, the inside of your house should be obscured from those who might take advantage of your absence. Make sure you close your curtains and move any valuable items out of view if there are windows that you don’t have blinds on.

Going away doesn’t have to mean worrying about your house. Enjoy full peace of mind and a great break by following these essential tips and don’t forget to get in touch with Lockout 247 Locksmiths to make sure your home is secure before you go.