What exactly are insurance-grade locks?

insurance-grade locks

We have seen an increase in people calling on their local locksmiths because insurance companies advise that their existing locks are not up to standard. This can actually be a deal-breaker with regards to some companies offering cover. Many insurers have a minimum lock standard that they will accept on a property. This is to ensure that the home is adequately secure and to demonstrate that owners are willing to take steps to maximise their homes’ security.

So just what exactly are insurance-grade locks?

Door locks

If a door lock displays the BS3621 kite mark, it will probably meet the minimum standards required by many insurers. If you are unsure what kite mark your locks have on them, it is worth going and taking a look. If your door is a wooden one, the kite mark (if one is present) will be on the lock’s face plate or front barrel. This will depend on whether it is a dead lock or a rim dead lock.

If you find that the security of your locks is not up to what insurers require, your best option is to contact your local locksmith and have them upgrade your locks with a new installation.

With uPVC doors, it is likely that your locks are up to the minimum standard required by insurers. They are usually multi-point locks that make it extremely difficult to break in. However, though they are up to that minimum standard, it doesn’t mean there is no room for improvement. Many experienced burglars know techniques for quickly gaining entry where locks such as these are in place.

The sector has developed solutions for these tricks in ‘snap safe’ locks. These are specifically designed to prevent the ‘lock snapping’ method that has become popular with burglars. A good locksmith can supply and install a snap safe lock to provide maximum security for your property.

Window locks

Take a look at your windows – do they currently require a key to be able to get them open from the inside? If the answer is no, it may be time to upgrade the locks and handles of your windows to improve their security.

This job is usually not complicated, but different windows need different sizes. For this reason, we recommend that you get in touch with a local locksmith who can look at what’s require and install new, more secure handles and locks for you.

The reasons for insurance-grade locks

Insurers have become increasingly strict when it comes to their minimum standards for door and window locks. The reasons for this are two-fold – naturally, they want homeowners to protect their properties as much as possible against break-ins. But they also want to ensure that if an intruder manages to access your property, they don’t have a simple escape route other than the point of entry that they used.

If a burglar is able to open a large door or window after breaking in, they may have the ability to leave with more of your possessions than if they have to leave through a small broken window they entered through. This is why maximum security for all your doors and windows is highly desirable for insurers who would have to cover the cost of your lost belongings in the event of a burglary.

Get help from an experienced, reliable locksmith

If you need assistance with improving the security of your home or your business then upgrading your locks is an important step. Contact Lockout24/7 today and speak to us. We will answer your questions and get you the help you need to upgrade your locks for insurance purposes.