Steps you must take when car keys are stolen

Steps you must take when car keys are stolen

Today’s leading car manufacturers are continuously developing new methods to provide greater levels of vehicle security using the most cutting-edge technology available. This can be ideal for car owners, as it makes their vehicle a more difficult target for thieves looking for new victims.

The onboard equipment protecting most current cars is called an immobiliser system. Every vehicle made in Europe since 1995 has been fitted with an in-built immobiliser that can be deactivated only by using the car’s dedicated key. Effectively, this means that your car can only be started by a key that’s been properly programmed, rendering the criminal hotwiring you’ve probably seen in the cinema and on television practically impossible on most modern models and makes.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that your car can’t still be stolen by criminals. Instead of targeting your vehicle as was once the case, today’s car thieves make your keys their mark. If such an unfortunate event occurs and your keys are stolen from your person, here are the steps you should take in order of priority.

Securing your vehicle

If only your keys have been taken, it’s vital you take steps to stop thieves returning and stealing your car as well. Providing you have a spare key, you can pop your bonnet and remove critical components, like fuses or spark plugs, but if you’re able to block your car in with another vehicle or lock it away in a garage, that is preferable and may be easier to achieve.

Reporting the crime to the police

After securing your car, report the incident to the police and get a crime reference number. This will allow you to track the progress of the theft.

Contacting a professional auto locksmith

A professional auto locksmith can assist you even if you’ve got a spare set of keys. In most cases, car keys can be deprogrammed, so returning thieves will be unable to start the vehicle. When an auto locksmith arrives on-site, they can use a diagnostic machine to remove any programmed keys associated with it and desynchronise any fobs used for remote locking.

If you need an entirely new key, auto locksmiths can also make you one that fits your existing locks and can start your car. They can also change the locks on your car so the stolen physical key can’t turn in the door locks and ignition.

Getting in touch with your car insurer

While waiting for your auto locksmith to come, you can contact your car insurance provider to find out how the incident is covered by the policy you have in place. Some car insurers will offer key protection as part of the policy you pay for and may cover some of the cost of safeguarding your vehicle from attempts to steal your car. However, it’s not unknown for car insurance companies to insist on a complete change of locks, so it’s important to check with them and find out any policy requirements before your auto locksmith arrives.

Auto locksmiths wherever and whenever you need them

Whether you need your transponder key reprogrammed, entirely new locks or full ignition replacement for your car, if your vehicle key has been stolen, you can count on Lockout 247 Auto Locksmiths for round the clock assistance. Our fully trained technicians will come to your location and carry out any work required to secure your vehicle and ensure you can get back safely behind the wheel. Contact our expert team for assistance or add 07840543661 to your phone now in case you need an auto locksmith in an emergency.