How to secure your home by securing your garden

For many, our gardens our the pride and joy of our home and a great deal of time can go into making them look good. They are also a place of retreat that can offer peace of mind and a sense of accomplishment. Keeping your garden and home protected goes a long way to helping this and with some of the suggestions offered below, you should be able to relax just in time for the summer.

Secure the garden gate

It is quite easy to become negligent with a garden gate, for example, if you’re locked out of your house it can help prevent you from being stuck outside your front door. However, if your gate doesn’t have the correct locks in place then it gives burglars easier access to your home and valuables. Emergency locksmiths can help with this by providing the required security such as changing or fixing a broken lock.

Keep the area well lit

Your property is more vulnerable at night when intruders can use the cover of darkness to their advantage. By installing a security light it can prevent people from approaching without being seen and can also offer a deterrent to those who are thinking of doing something. A locksmith’s skills extend further than locks and keys and with 24-hour locksmiths, someone is always at hand for your needs.

A suitable fence

A fence around 1.8-2 metres high is regarded as suitable to offer sufficient protection from a passerby. Trellis panels added to the top of fences also help give them that extra bit of safety and if you want to be even more cautious, adding some prickly plants around the panels increases the difficulty for someone attempting to climb over.

Security system

It is easy to become slightly complacent when it comes to garden safety. However, it is important you keep your outdoor spaces as safe as possible. One way to help minimise risk is by placing visible deterrents such as cameras around the outside of your home. Security cameras as well as the outdoor lighting will help expose anyone who attempts to steal your valuable goods and is something a locksmith would be happy to fit.

Don’t leave valuables lying around

Something which is easy to fall into the habit of is leaving personal belongings outside after a long day, especially in the summer when they are less likely to be damaged by the weather. Leaving valuables exposed in the open, such as bikes, is a way to help attract unwanted intruders and items such as garden tools can be used to break into your home. To prevent this from happening, make sure they are stored away in a safe, secure place.

Secure your shed

It is one thing to keep your valuables out of sight, but without adequate security, it does nothing to protect them. Sheds tend to be full of pricey possessions as well as tools which can be used to break into your home. This means they need to be properly locked with any keys being stored in a safe area in your home. If keys are lost a local locksmith can help you out.

Keep your garden well maintained

The thought of an intruder hiding in your garden isn’t a nice one to have but it is one you need to consider. Gardens with multiple blind spots help encourage potential thieves as it provides them with cover as they make their way to your home or shed. Keeping on top of things such as overgrown bushes and mowing your lawn can help deal with this issue.