Essential steps to take if you lose your house keys

Essential steps to take if you lose your house keys

It is a moment that many of us have experienced: that terrible instant when you arrive home only to find that your house keys are not anywhere to be seen. With your heart pumping, you check every pocket, scour your bag and even rifle through your car. It is only when the realisation dawns that you have definitely lost them that panic turns to fear as you wonder what steps you need to take next.

So, if you have lost your house keys, what are the essential steps to take to get back into your home and ensure that your house is as secure as possible? Let’s take a look at some key things to remember.

Call an emergency locksmith

Getting back into your house is paramount, and you will need the expert help of a 24-hour locksmith, especially if you are locked out during the night or in the cold weather. There is nothing worse than standing outside, waiting for a locksmith to arrive, so ensure that you opt for a trusted and local locksmith who can arrive quickly to help you.

With the expert assistance of a friendly, skilled and experienced locksmith you will be able to regain entry into your home. This service is speedy and straightforward, which can be even more critical if you have a pet locked inside your house, and this can give you extra peace of mind.

Check that nothing else is missing

Once you get back inside your house, you might feel a little more at ease. However, when you have lost your keys, it is a good idea to ensure that you still have your wallet, phone and any other valuables. It may sound dramatic, but if your keys have been misplaced, they may actually have been stolen. If you find that other items are also missing and your lost keys, then calling the police to alert them to the theft is essential.

However, before you take any drastic steps, ensure that you have not simply left your missing items inside your house. Check all the usual places where you keep your items, and if it is clear they are not anywhere to be seen, there is a high chance that they have been stolen.

Change your locks

Whether your keys have been stolen or simply lost, changing your locks is the best way to optimise your continued security. With a set of your house keys in someone else’s hands, this poses a threat to the safety of your house, your personal belongings and your own safety and security. Someone could use your keys to get into your house when you are not home or even when you are sleeping, which may be a scary thought.

Emergency locksmiths can change your locks any time of the day or night, allowing you the reassurance that nobody will be able to use your lost keys to gain access to your home. You can even upgrade your security by choosing from a range of affordable, high-security replacements. Your local locksmith will change your locks and provide you with new keys.

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