6 places you should never hide your spare house keys

6 places you should never hide your spare house keys

The security of your house keys is paramount. However, it can be tempting to keep a spare set hidden somewhere in case you get locked out. People often hide their keys in very vulnerable locations, compromising their home security. Here are 6 places your spare house keys should never be hidden.

1. Under/inside a rock

You may have heard about fake rocks that can be placed in your front garden with space to store a key inside. This might sound like a good idea, but these fakes are very easy to spot. Even if you take time to make it blend in, it is still a big risk.

Similarly, don’t leave a key under a real rock. This is one of the first places a burglar will look, so it is never a good idea.

2. Under your doormat

This is another common hiding place and another extremely vulnerable one. There is no way to secure this as a hiding place, and it is another of the first places a burglar would look. Essentially, hiding a spare house key under the doormat is a huge help to burglars, so it really isn’t a good idea.

3. Under a flower pot

Again, this is a very convenient hiding place for both you and any potential burglars who target your home. It is extremely insecure and an obvious place to check. Even if you have lots of flower pots in your front garden, reducing the odds that a burglar would check the right one, you are leaving your home security up to chance.

4. In your wallet

This is a grave error because not only do you make it easy for a thief to acquire your key; you also provide them with your address so they know where to use it. Lost keys and wallets happen all the time when out and about, so keeping both together is extremely risky. Your wallet most likely contains your driving licence, so if your key is there as well, they have a free pass at entering your home and stealing your possessions.

If you do keep a spare key in your wallet, and you lose the wallet at any point, your best course of action is to call a locksmith and change the locks immediately.

5. On top of the door

This is another of the first places a burglar will check, and another that has absolutely no security. From some vantage points, the spare key will even be visible to onlookers, so it is extremely vulnerable. Many people have chosen this as the hiding spot for their keys, and many have regretted it.

6. Under a wheelie bin

Once again, there is no way a burglar won’t check under the bins for a hidden key. You even wheel these bins out every two weeks for waste collection, so your hiding place is exposed to passers-by. The biggest danger of hiding spare keys outside your house is that they are discovered, so you must avoid such vulnerable hiding places at all costs.


If your spare house key is hidden in any of the places listed above, you must go and move them right away to a location further from your front door to increase security. Better yet, don’t hide your spare keys outside at all. It is always a risk, and if your hiding place is discovered, you must call an emergency locksmith to change the locks immediately.

The safety of your loved ones depends on the security of your home. Don’t leave anything to chance – call the team at Lockout 24/7 today.