5 times you need the services of a locksmith

Do you find your key sticks in the lock? Then the chances are your locks need to be replaced. Most of us forget that our locks need on-going maintenance and even replacement but by then it can be too late and we’re paying for an emergency callout. Here are 5 times when you’ll need the services of a professional locksmith in Chelmsford to keep your home safe and secure.

1. After a break-in

Whether a thief has damaged the hardware or not, if your property has been broken into you must change the locks. This will give you the opportunity to review your household security and discuss your options with your locksmith. They’ll be able to advise on new lock hardware and key-free technology to keep your home secure and comply with insurance requirements.

2. Moving into a new home

You might not feel that you need to change the locks when you move home, but how well do you know your new neighbourhood? It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so discuss your options with your locksmith – they’ll help you come up with a solution that makes you feel safe and comfortable in your new location.

3. You lost your keys

Even if you finally locate them down the back of your sofa, when you lose your keys you need to change your locks immediately for peace of mind. Think of it as an opportunity to get rid of old and ugly locks in favour of sleek and contemporary hardware that is both stylish and effective.

4. Wear and tear

If you’re a busy household then your locks are likely to take a pounding from all the traffic in and out of the front door. Older locks become rusty and inefficient over time and your key will become more difficult to turn and may even eventually break. Your locksmith in Chelmsford may suggest you invest in a user friendly smart lock that requires virtually no maintenance.

5. Your locks are old

Lock technology is moving all the time. The latest smart connected locks let you precisely control access to your home while still allowing key access in an emergency. Get advice from your locksmith in Chelmsford on installing, programming and maintaining your new locks.

At Lockout 247 we have an entire team of expert locksmiths at your disposal whether you need an emergency callout or advice on insurance approved hardware. From replacement locks to expert repairs, we’re your home security experts, so contact us today for more details.