Why you need to focus on guarding your shed and garage

shed and garage

When most people think about protecting their property from criminals, the first thing they consider is their house. Of course, this is where they eat, sleep, and hold most of their valuables, so guarding the house first and foremost is completely understandable. However, there is one part of a property that tends to go completely forgotten about, and can often lead to the loss of a significant amount of money and property if your security isn’t perfect. This is your shed or a detached garage. Read on to find out all about how outbuildings could be the most important parts of your home to protect, and why failing to do so could prove to be expensive.

What can a thief steal?

Many people who haven’t yet invested in improving their garage’s security will have done so because it might not be seen to matter so much. After all, you might park in the driveway, so your car isn’t at risk. However, you need to consider exactly what is kept in your garage.

Some people will use their garage for car maintenance. Whilst this isn’t something you consider to be valuable, it can be extremely expensive to replace items that can cost hundreds of pounds to replace if they get stolen.

In addition to mechanical purposes, plenty of people use their sheds and garages for hobbies. Whether this is something like model making or even as seemingly menial as model trains, if you’re really into your hobby, you can sink a lot of money into it. Thieves and criminals are well aware of this, so if they see a well put together hobby area, they are likely to take whatever looks valuable to sell on.

What security measures can I look at?

When it comes to detached parts of your property, one of the early worries you might have is in the roof of the structure. A roof for a detached structure is not likely to have the structural integrity of your main house, because there isn’t the support around it to make it reliable. You could stop this from being a weakness by focusing on making it as sturdy as possible, and ensuring that you carry out maintenance on the garage as often as possible.

Another area that often goes underappreciated is the lock that you use on a garage. When you feel like your home is under threat, you may consider changing the locks to be safe, but people don’t tend to change the locks in their garage. Over time, this means that locks can become rusty or vulnerable to somebody with an old key, making it significantly easier to break in and gain access to your valuables. You can resolve this by changing all of the locks next time you opt for a lock change, or you can even install an alarm system in your garage. By combining these features, you can make your entire property much more secure.

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