When should you think about changing your locks?

changing your locks

If you live anywhere in the Essex area from Colchester to Braintree or Basildon, the locks in your home are ultra important. They keep your home safe from intruders and also keep your family safe when you are all inside. Of course, they do a great job of protecting your prized possessions too! When it comes to getting new locks fitted, you will probably first think of some kind of emergency situation like a break-in first.

However, there are actually many other situations when it is wise to change your locks too. Read on to find out just when you should think about having new locks fitted.

When you move into a new house

There is always lots to think about when moving home, especially if you are selling your old one as well. With all this, getting new locks on your new property can seem an expense you could do without. However, the opposite is true! When you move into your new home, you do not know if any of the previous residents have kept a key still and could gain entry. With this in mind, getting new locks fitted is a must.

If you are a landlord

In much the same way as above, it is wise to have new locks fitted as a landlord when a tenant moves out. This will not only stop the previous tenant from accessing the property to cause damage but also help build your reputation as a responsible landlord.

If you lose your house keys

This is quite common and many people will simply get another key cut from their spare one. However, this does not solve the issue of security for you. If the person who took or found your key also knows where you live, then they will be able to use it to gain entry to your home. Instead, it is much wiser to change the locks and then get new keys for that.

After a break-up

The course of true love never runs smooth and this can see you break up with the person you are living with. If they move out, then changing the locks is wise so they cannot access the property anymore. At times like this, emotions can run high and you do not want your ex to gain entry and cause any damage to your possessions.

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