Tricks burglars use that you should know about

Tricks burglars use

One of the main things homeowners and renters worry about is the risk of burglary, so it is important to take precautions to try and prevent burglars from entering your property as much as possible. There are several common tricks that burglars use to target your home to break in, some of which are listed below. By being aware of these tricks, you should be able to take the necessary precautions against them to prevent your property from being burgled.

Kidney beans

This may sound odd, but there have been several reports of householders finding tins of kidney beans emptied outside their front door. Many people may overlook this as a prank, but this mess is used by burglars to identify whether or not people are currently staying on the property. If the mess is cleaned up, burglars know that there is someone actively living in the property, whereas if it is left for days on end, then they can be fairly certain that nobody is living there, thus providing ample opportunity for them to break in. Please note that this trick isn’t just limited to kidney beans, so if you notice anything like this left outside your front door, clean it up as soon as possible and file a police report.

Markings left outside your property

One of the most common things burglars use to pick out a potential victim is to leave markings outside the property, often in chalk. This is part of the burglar code, signalling to other would-be burglars certain things about the property – it’s particularly common if you’ve recently been burgled, so if you have been burgled recently, it is important to check the outside of your property to see if any markings have appeared. A triangle may signify a lone woman living in a property, whereas vertical lines can hint at the property containing valuables – these are just some of the signals burglars may mark outside your property.

Burglars may visit the property and pretend to be somebody else

Most people think of burglars as people hiding in the shadows, not wanting to be seen. Whilst this is still largely true, many robbers have the confidence to talk to the people living in the property, in an attempt to case the building or find an excuse to get inside. It’s quite common for them to pretend to be salespeople selling something – people selling door to door have to have a license to operate in the UK, so if anyone comes to your door selling products, always check they have the relevant documentation. It’s important to note that this trick isn’t limited to salespeople, so if any strangers come to your door acting suspiciously, make sure the property is secured and speak to the police.

Fake emergencies

Another scam burglars like to pull when casing a property is to pretend they are injured or have an emergency – this is quite similar to the previous point, as they will usually come right up to the property door with this trick. Of course, it may be a genuine emergency, but it’s best to be careful, so if you’re unsure, keep the door locked and contact the emergency services from a safe place. This is quite a common trick and isn’t limited to home burglaries – stories about muggers lying down in the middle of the road pretending to be hurt, only for them to attempt to rob you once you have stopped are common, so you should always be careful if you see something like this happening. If you do encounter a situation like this and it isn’t clear what has happened, it’s recommended you drive to a safe place and then call the emergency services.

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