Top locksmith myths debunked

Locksmith myths debunked

So, do you think you know everything about what a locksmith does and how locks work? Think again. With a lot of false information circulating, you could easily have the wrong end of the stick when it comes to all-things lock and locksmith related. Here are some of the most common myths debunked.

Locksmiths are only needed in emergencies

It’s easy to assume that locksmiths are only required in emergencies such as being locked out of the house or losing your keys, but their roles are far more wide-ranging. While locksmiths do, of course, respond to emergency scenarios, they’re also on hand for routine maintenance such as repairs or upgrades to door and window locks, when you need to change locks or if you want to improve your security systems. A local locksmith may also provide assistance for locks and security related to garages and vehicles.

All locksmiths work 24/7

While most locksmiths do work 24/7, there are some that don’t. So, when you’re looking to add a 24-hour locksmith to your phone contacts in case of any emergencies, it’s worth double-checking that they do indeed come out to assist at all hours.

It’s easy to pick a lock

While locksmiths are masters in their trade, it’s wrong to believe that picking a lock is quick and easy for them, and can be achieved in a matter of minutes. All locking and security systems vary, and while some locks can be picked easily, others are more complex and it may take a little longer for a qualified locksmith to crack the locking mechanism.

Who needs a locksmith anyway?

Tied in with the misconception that picking a lock is easy is the notion that it’s simple to fit a lock yourself, without needing the services of a locksmith. Yet, a word of caution. Fitting a new lock might seem simple enough, but unless you are properly trained, there’s a risk you might get things wrong, making your property vulnerable and at risk of being broken into. Plus, your insurance might not cover you if you get burgled and the intruder managed to bust a lock that you fitted yourself. Why have the worry and stress, when a professional locksmith can make sure your lock is properly fitted and is as safe and secure as possible?

It’s cheaper to break a window

If you’re faced with a broken lock or lost keys and you can’t access your property, you might be forgiven for thinking that it would be cheaper to break a window to gain entry than to call out an emergency locksmith. However, this would be an incorrect assumption. Before you go smashing any glass, which could cause harm to yourself, give your local locksmith a call. You might be surprised to get a quote that’s far cheaper than having to call an emergency glazier out.

A locksmith has master keys

People often think that a locksmith has access to master keys that can automatically open any lock, but this isn’t the case. There isn’t a magic key that can miraculously unlock every door, although some doors have been designed for use with a master key; typically those operated by businesses.

All locksmiths are certified

Like in any area of business, not all traders are equal, so don’t assume that every locksmith is fully qualified and certified for the job. While rogue locksmiths are the exception rather than the norm, it pays to check that the person you’ve put in charge of the security of your property is legit. Check that they are members of relevant trade and industry associations and boast reputable credentials.

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