Top home security tips to protect your property

Top home security tips to protect your property

Anyone who owns their own home knows how key security is. Making your property secure will not only stop people from breaking in but also protect your family and possessions. In light of this, it really is worth taking the time to consider how you can beef up your own home security. The great news is that there are some simple ways to go about it which do not always cost lots of money.

But what are the best tips to think about using?

Change locks when first moving in

When you first move into a new home, it is an exciting time with lots to do. Most people will have a long list of jobs to sort out and people to tell they have moved. Very often though, you can forget to beef up your new home’s security by changing the locks. This might sound over the top, but it really is worth doing. You simply do not know who has a key to the old locks which are already in place. Anyone from the previous owners to their family, friends or workmen could still hold keys to the existing locks. By replacing them, you ensure this is not an issue and no-one can access your home without your permission.

Think about how secure your front door is

Another home security tip which many people do not think about is their front door. This is understandable but quite amazing when you consider it is the main route into your home. With this in mind, you really want to have a front door in place that is solid and hard to break down or into. This does not have to cost lots either! It can be as simple as changing older, less effective locks for modern ones which offer more protection. For wooden doors which are more vulnerable to being broken down, you can fix a strike plate to them for more strength or ask a professional to do it for you.

Check your window locks

Another potential weak point which intruders may target in your home is the windows. Many people do not secure them properly when out and this could see them prised open by burglars. Some people even leave windows open when out which makes it even simpler for burglars to climb into your home! As well as shutting windows when you go out, a good home security tip is making sure they have decent locks as well. This will mean you can lock your windows securely when not at home and feel confident your property is safe.

Consider installing extra security

If you really want to go up a level with your home security, you could always install extra systems to help. Burglar alarms are an old classic and still present an effective deterrent to this day. Even the sight of an alarm box on the outside wall of your house could be enough to put intruders off from trying to break in. CCTV is also very popular for home security and can not only put intruders off but also give clear footage to pass onto the Police if needed. Effective security lighting outside is also a good tip. This type of outside lighting comes on when motion triggers the sensor. Burglars do not like working in the light and will soon scarper when their movement sets the lighting off.

Call LockOut 24-7 Locksmiths for home security help

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