The steps you should take when you have a broken lock

broken lock

Like many homeowners across the globe, you most likely rely on locks – whether that be front door locks, window locks or even gate locks – to keep your home feeling safe and secure. Locks make it easy for anyone to come home from a busy day and put their feet up with the confidence that they are protected from any outside threats.

However, now and then, you may run into the problem of a broken lock, which can compromise the safety of yourself and your home by creating easy access to your house. Whilst having a broken lock can put you on edge, taking the right precautions as soon as the lock breaks can maintain the security of your home and keep both you and your belongings safe. This article will guide you through the essential steps that you must take when you have a broken lock.

Step 1: Call a locksmith

The first step that you should take, no matter what, is to call a locksmith. The sooner that you phone for help, the sooner your broken lock can be fixed and the sooner your home will feel safe again. Emergency locksmiths often operate 24/7 so will be able to come to your rescue no matter the time of day.

Step 2: Create a stand-in lock

If your locksmith takes some time to get to your home, you could consider creating a DIY lock to provide your home with some security whilst you wait. If you have one to hand, padlocks always work well as stand-in locks for doors or windows, and if you don’t have one of these available, you could try to barricade the door or window that is not secure. Barricading your home is a great way to make yourself feel safer if you have to sleep whilst your lock is broken.

Step 3: Tell a neighbor

Neighbours can provide you with an extra pair of eyes for your home whilst your locks are broken. If you have to pop out or even if you just feel uneasy being in your home without full security, telling a neighbour of your situation will encourage them to keep an eye out for suspicious activity around your home so that they can alert you of any possible threats.

Step 4: Keep your valuables safe

Having a door or window that cannot lock puts you more at risk for burglary or break-ins. To be on the safe side, you should make sure to hide away your valuable items in a safe space; the best option is to use a metal safe that can be locked. You should also be careful not to leave any appealing items on display in your home, as this will encourage thieves to try their luck with your property. Expensive jewellery, cars and even TVs should be kept out of sight from anyone looking into your home from the outside whilst your security is down.

Step 5: Invite a friend to stay

If you live alone and a faulty or broken lock is making you feel unsafe, you could ask a friend or relative to stay with you until it is fixed by a locksmith. Having another person with you will help you to remain calm and will provide extra security to keep watch for break-ins or threats while your security is down.

If you find yourself with a broken lock, our team of expert locksmiths are on hand 24/7 to help your home feel secure once again. We offer services to fix locks, change locks or even open locks if you have lost your keys. We are always happy to help!