The Most Common Tools Used by Essex Locksmiths

Tools Used by Essex Locksmiths

The tools used by locksmiths in the UK can vary depending on the specific job and the operative’s individual preferences for handling a particular problem. When our team arrives on the scene, we don’t always know what to expect so it’s important to be well-equipped at all times.

The last thing any good locksmith wants is to leave a customer waiting, especially when security is involved.

Here are just a few of the common locksmith tools we use regularly at LockOut 247:

Lock Picks

This will probably be a familiar one for most people as they are often seen in movies. Lock picks are used to manipulate the pins inside a lock and gain access through a door. They can be used when a key has been lost or after the removal of a broken key from a lock. The main purpose is to open the door without causing any further damage.

While lock picking can seem easy, it takes a lot of practice and skill to use these tools. How difficult it is will depend on the type of lock.

Tension Wrenches

These are commonly used by locksmiths to apply tension to a lock’s plug while manipulating the pins with a pick. The tension wrench is inserted into the bottom of the keyway and is used to apply rotational force to the core.

Once the tension wrench is in place, we use a lock pick to lift the individual pins in the lock cylinder to their correct height, allowing the plug to rotate and unlock. By applying the proper amount of tension, it’s easier to create the necessary force to hold the pins in place while manipulating them with the pick. Again, this is a skill that is developed over time – it’s not just about having the right equipment.

Key Extractors

Keys getting broken off or stuck in locks is not that uncommon and they can be difficult to remove without the right tools. When a key gets stuck it’s usually because the pins have come down preventing removal. Locksmiths will have a range of different tools to enable them to lift the pins and remove the key from the lock, hopefully without causing more damage.

Plug Spinners

When a lock is picked, the driver pins inside the lock are lifted to a shear line, allowing the lock cylinder to rotate and unlock. However, if the lock is accidentally picked in the wrong direction, the key pins can become trapped above this line, preventing it from turning at all

This is where the plug spinner comes in. It’s designed to spin the lock cylinder in the opposite direction, effectively resetting the driver pins and allowing it to be unlocked. By using the plug spinner, we can quickly and easily correct any mistakes made while picking the lock, without having to start the process over from scratch.

Other Tools in the Locksmith Armoury

Other approaches that a locksmith will have will include ones that allow them to bypass the lock mechanism altogether. This includes using impressioning where a blank key is formed to fit the lock or a shim which is used for padlocks. In some cases, your locksmith might use drills to break into the lock where other methods of entry are not viable. Another tool that we will have is a key-cutting machine, particularly useful if you have broken off a key and need it replaced. Devices such as lock scopes can also prove useful in diagnosing a problem with certain types of fittings.

Auto Tools for Locksmiths in Essex

At LockOut 247, we also handle a range of different lock problems for cars of all types, from older models to newer, more high-tech ones. There’s nothing more frustrating and potentially dangerous than being locked out of your car, especially if you’ve parked up in a secluded spot and night is drawing in.

  • The Slim Jim: One of the most common locksmith tools for auto jobs is likely to be the slim Jim. You may have seen these being used on TV – it involves a thin strip of metal, usually steel, that is strong but flexible. This is pushed through the gap between the door seal and the window and is used to release the lock to allow entry.
  • Broken Key Extractor: As with domestic properties, keys getting broken in the lock are also not unusual. Again, we have a range of different tools that allow us to access the key and remove it.
  • Reprogramming: More and more cars nowadays have digital locks that can cause problems. Having the right tools ready to reprogramme and gain access is vital.

Another problem that is common in older cars is when the locking mechanism itself fails and needs to be replaced. If the door is in the locked position, it requires the locksmith to open using a slim jim and then potentially replace the interior mechanism.

Why You Need a Locksmith on Speed Dial

If you live in Essex, having a local locksmith on your phone list can certainly save a lot of time. Of course, the chances that you might need one at any time are slim but the last thing you want is to be caught out. Whether it’s a broken lock at home or a problem with your car, it’s much easier to simply call up the number and get someone down.

At LockOut 247, we offer a round-the-clock locksmith service anywhere in Essex. If you’re looking for a reliable service that delivers with a sense of urgency, the simplest thing to do is put our number on your phone list for when you may need it. We make sure that we arrive on-site fully equipped and ready to solve your problem with the minimum of fuss. That includes new locks if they are needed as well as state-of-the-art and some more traditional tools that get the job done.

You can call us any time of day or night at 07840543661.