Improve your front door security

Improve your front door security

Most people who have had the misfortune to fall victim to a home break-in will tell you that the entire experience is overall a traumatic and stressful one. There can be no respite from the stress and trauma even when the ordeal is over and the situation has returned to normal, as the emotional impact from the burglary can last for months. That is why you need to make sure you review the security of your home, and the first place you need to start is with your front door.

Upgrade your lock

Even though this may seem obvious, you may be surprised at how many homeowners often overlook this simple but effective home security measure. When a homeowner takes the time to make sure their front door locks are not of poor quality, old or vulnerable to attack, they are making sure that they are greatly improving the overall security of their front door. By taking the time to fit locks that either meet or even exceed the BS3621 standard, a homeowner can sleep peacefully at night safe in the knowledge that they have fitted a high-quality, secure lock that will also be insurance approved. It may surprise you to know that currently there are millions of properties across the UK that do not have British Standard (BS6321) locks installed, which means their properties are more vulnerable to being broken into, and if they do have a burglary, they may find that their insurance company may well refuse to pay out as they will not be fully covered by their policy.

Door and frame strength

When it comes to doors, wooden doors are often the most vulnerable and prone to attack as even with good strong locks, a determined burglar can often kick-in a weak door with a couple of hefty kicks. Therefore, even if you have the best locks available to you fitted to your front door, there is no guarantee that they will stop an intruder if your door or door frame is too weak. You can reinforce your wooden front door by installing a strike plate, which is a rigid metal plate attached with long screws drilled into the studs. These plates are easy to obtain and can be found at many DIY stores or online. However, if you do not feel confident or able to fit this plate yourself, your local emergency locksmith will be happy to install it for you, and you’ll know it has been fitted correctly. In addition to strengthening your front door, you will also need to look at the door frame as this can also be vulnerable to attack. You need to make sure that the frame is as tightly screwed down as it can be, and you can even install hinge bolts, which will strengthen the hinges on the door and prevent burglars from forcing the door off its hinges.

Get a deadbolt installed

The addition of a deadbolt to your front door will increase the overall security of your home significantly. However, it is important to remember that when installing a deadbolt, you need to make sure the bolt extends deep into the door frame. This will help to prevent the door coming off the frame should any potential intruder try to force the door. Once more, if you do feel unable to fit the deadbolt yourself, your local 24-hour locksmith will be more than happy to fit it for you, plus they will be able to offer advice about which deadbolt is right for you as there are many different ones on the market.

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