How do you know when to change your locks?

change your locks

Your home’s door locks are its primary defence against intruders and burglars. Both front and back doors are common entry points for criminals when they’re attempting to access properties, so ensuring your locks are in top condition is crucial.

Many homeowners operate under the misconception that a door lock will last a lifetime. However, most professional locksmiths agree that home locks should be periodically upgraded at least every seven years to ensure residences stay secure. Older mechanisms can become weakened over time, making it much easier for burglars to bypass them.

However, it may become necessary to have new locking mechanisms installed even earlier. In the following sections, we’ll explore some possible scenarios where householders might need to change their locks.

Following a break-in

Perhaps the most obvious time to get brand-new locks installed is when you’ve suffered a break-in. Criminals can often use force to gain access to properties, causing significant damage to door locks. To make certain your door can be secured effectively, calling an emergency locksmith and having a new device fitted immediately is key.

It’s worth assessing the strength of your old security measures and taking the opportunity to ramp up your home safety with more robust locks. You may also consider more advanced options like intruder alarms or CCTV to deter further criminal activity.

Moving to a new house

When you’re taking up residence in a property, it’s common practice for the estate agent handling the sale to pass you the keys used by the previous owner. It’s worth considering how long ago the past occupants fitted the locks and how old they are, but it’s also important to consider how many people they may have shared these keys with.

Even if your property is a new build, keys can be cut easily and a spare set may exist. To ensure that nobody but you will have easy access, get your locks changed as soon as you can.

A change of tenancy

When someone is no longer a resident in your rental property, changing your locks is also important. When a relationship ends or a flatmate moves out, the circumstances may not be amicable. To ensure your own safety and keep your premises safe from unwanted entry, the best move is to call a locksmith.

Loss of keys

When the keys to your home go missing, your property is put at risk. Even if they were not stolen, if someone were to find your keys, the threat of a potential burglary can be a real one. It’s always better to be overcautious than experience a break-in, so change your locks quickly.

Contact a professional locksmith service

Whether your locks have become worn over the years, damaged in a break-in or you have simply lost the key to your front door, our expert team at Lockout 24/7 Locksmiths are here to help.

Hiring a professional locksmith is a far more secure option than attempting to fit a new lock yourself, as faulty installations are among the most common reasons why door locks fail to perform effectively.

Operating around the clock, you can be sure we’re always available when you need us most, so don’t hesitate to give us a call in an emergency.