How Being Burgled Can Affect You

How Being Burgled Can Affect You

At Lockout 247, we get called out for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it’s an old lock that’s been broken or we need to help someone who lost their keys and been locked out of their car. A few times we get asked to help where someone has had a break-in – usually when the locks on the front or back door or windows have been damaged.

There is little doubt that being burgled can have a big psychological effect. One of our roles as locksmiths is to make sure that we turn up and replace locks and return a sense of security to our customers.

As a team, we’re always responsive to the fact that you may be feeling vulnerable and make sure that you receive a friendly and fast service that meets your needs. There are around 7,000 burglaries in Essex which is round about average for the rest of the UK.

Emotional Impact of Being Burgled

Being the victim of a burglary can have a profound emotional impact. One of the most immediate and common feelings is a sense of violation and insecurity. It’s the certain knowledge that someone has invaded your personal space, rummaged through your belongings and taken valuable items. It can leave you feeling unsafe and vulnerable in your own home.

There is often the real fear of a repeat incident as well as the anxiety of not knowing who invaded your home and it can be overwhelming. The police often don’t investigate burglaries properly in many parts of the UK, and Essex is no different.

That can leave you thinking: What if it happens again? How can you make your property more secure?

Financial Cost of Being Burgled

Apart from the emotional toll, almost always has a financial impact. Property damage is often a consequence of a break-in, as burglars may force entry through doors or windows, causing destruction which requires urgent repairs. The cost of repairing damaged entry points can quickly add up, straining your finances. Even if you have content insurance, you’re likely going to have to pay out for the excess.

Burglars typically target items of value such as jewellery, electronics, and cash. The replacement cost of these items can be substantial. You may also see your insurance premiums going up or you might have to find the extra money for a better security system to protect your home.

While the financial cost is important so is the sentimental value of some items that may have been taken. This can never be replaced and can cause much more upset than simple monetary loss. This often includes things like jewellery and even items like family photos in expensive frames.

Long-Term Psychological Effects of Being Burgled

Many victims experience long-term psychological effects that can significantly affect their overall health. One common psychological condition associated is post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). You may not have been present in the property when it was burgled but you can certainly feel the effect of the aftermath and the sense that your home is not as secure as you once thought.

Unfortunately, depression and anxiety are also prevalent among burglary victims. Some victims can also develop sleep disturbances, such as insomnia or recurring nightmares, which further exacerbate their emotional distress.

Coping with the Aftermath

Recovering from burglary requires proactive steps to address both the emotional and practical aspects of the experience. It’s a good idea to get support from friends, neighbours and family during this time. Surrounding yourself with loved ones who can offer understanding, empathy and reassurance should help alleviate some of the emotional stress you feel.

Of course, it’s also important to contact the police immediately after a burglary. Reporting the incident and providing any relevant information can assist in the investigation and potentially aid in the recovery of stolen items. The police are also a good source of advice on improving home security that could help prevent future incidents.

Moving Forward and Rebuilding

While the impact of a burglary can be devastating, it’s important to remember that it doesn’t define your future. Yes, it’s unpleasant but most people do get over it and move on with their lives. Rebuilding a sense of security, however, can take time and effort.

Taking more control of your safety is empowering. You might, for instance, want to review your home security measures and make some changes. In many areas of Essex, there are neighbourhood watch organisations that are worth joining.

Why Choose Lockout 247?

We’re a family-owned business that operates across most of the Essex area. Over the years, we’ve developed a strong reputation for providing a fast and professional service at a competitive price. When it comes to burglaries where the locks have been forced, you must have repairs and replacements done as quickly as possible.

We work with both homeowners and businesses across the Essex region and can also give sensible advice on how to boost your home security.

The good news is that burglaries are relatively rare and if you have good security you can greatly reduce your risk significantly. That could mean switching to the latest locks or having a look at the area surrounding your property to ensure that is less enticing to passing burglars. Most thieves are opportunistic – they tend to look out for homes that have older locks or that might have easy access, for instance, through a garden.

Of course, we don’t just help out after a burglary. Many of our customers need a locksmith for an entirely different reason. They can include people who have locked themselves out or lost their keys. Often, we get asked to replace old locks that have seized off or if a key has broken inside.

While you may not need us more than once or twice during your lifetime, it’s a good idea to have our phone number to hand just in case. You can call us any time of day or night on 07840543661. Simply add the number to the contacts in your phone and it’s there for emergencies.