Home security over summer: What mistakes should you avoid?

Home security

Summer is a great time of year and one which most people enjoy. The warmer temperatures and longer nights really do make it a season to cherish, but it’s still important to think about home security over this period and not let your guard down. Although you might focus on this more when darker outside in autumn/winter, summer is still a time when thieves are looking for easy targets.

A good idea is to think about what common mistakes people make around home security in summer and try to avoid them. But what mistake might these be?

Leaving your doors unlocked

One common home security mistake many people seem to make in summer is leaving their doors unlocked when at home. It seems that warmer temperatures and lighter nights lull people into a false sense of security. It may also be that people are in and out of their homes more in summer (to do the garden, for example) and find it easier to leave doors open.

While this is all understandable, it is a big mistake. Opportunist thieves will still be around in summer and not think twice about nipping through an unlocked door. Even if they only access your home for a few minutes, they can take valuable goods or items with sentimental value before leaving. With this in mind, it is vital to always lock doors after coming in or going outside.

Not dealing with broken locks

Of course, making sure to lock doors over summer will only work if the door locks are in good order. Unfortunately, some homeowners do not pay enough attention to damaged door locks. This then makes their property easy to break into and ransack.

A broken lock for example might mean that the door does not lock properly or is not strong enough to withstand any pressure put on it. Burglars will soon notice this and find it all too simple to bypass the lock and gain entry to your property. If you notice a door lock that has broken in harsh winter weather, it is crucial to get it fixed by a locksmith to stay safe over summer.

Not protecting your home when on holiday

Summer is a time when most of us like to get away from normal life and go on holiday. This can present a home security risk though and you should not make the mistake of neglecting to think about this. Try to avoid telling the whole world on social media platforms about your summer holidays for example and when you will be away. This makes it too easy for burglars to target you.

It is also worth asking a friend or family member to check in on your property if you will be away for more than a few days. This will allow them to take in the post or rubbish bins if needed and stop criminals from noticing your property is empty. It is also vital to lock all doors, all windows and avoid leaving anything valuable on show to passers-by.

Leaving your garage open

Lots of people have garages attached to their property and use them to store tools, possessions and other items. It can be very tempting to leave your garage open when working outside in the summer if you will be going in or out of it regularly. If kids are playing outside in summer months, it is also tempting to leave it open so they can get in or out easily with toys.

While this is understandable, it does pose a home security risk. It really is much better to get what you need and then close your garage door before locking it. This stops passing thieves from nipping in when people are not about to steal valuable items.

Summer is still a time to think about home security

Home security is important at any point in the year and is something to always bear in mind. Sometimes though, the more relaxed feel summer brings can make this hard. Try to avoid the above common security mistakes when it gets warmer out though, as they will help to protect your property. If you need help repairing a broken lock, get in touch with Lockout 24/7  today. We offer great value, professional lock repairs to keep your home safer this summer.