Does your door lock demand immediate attention?

door lock demands immediate attention

While manufacturers design door locks to be durable, they can still experience issues. Unprofessional installations, quality control missing faulty products, break-in attempts, weather conditions and accidents can all lead to damage or faulty operation.

If your residence has a faulty door lock or one that has become broken, you must act quickly. You’ll need to call a professional locksmith who can either replace or repair the malfunctioning mechanism. A door lock problem can sometimes seem unimportant and a minor inconvenience, but they are not issues that improve over time and represent a weakness in your home security.

In this blog, we’ll look at a variety of door lock problems that demand attention from an expert locksmith instantly.

Stuck keys

There is nothing more frustrating than when a key snaps and becomes jammed in a door lock. You can try and remove the key with needle nose pliers and get a new one cut, but if your attempts are unsuccessful, you’ll have to buy and install a new door lock. Worse still, until you resolve this issue, you may be unable to secure your door.

An experienced professional locksmith will have the tools and skills required to remove your key swiftly, saving you time and effort trying to tackle the task.

Locks out of alignment

When a front door won’t lock, a common cause is a misaligned lock. Unfortunately, in such cases, the bolt of a door lock does not slide easily into the bolt latch fixed in the door frame. As a result, the lock is useless.

While homeowners can often identify a misaligned lock easily enough, fixing the problem is a job for a professional. An expert can uncover any underlying issues that have led to the issue, like an incorrect installation.

Continually turning lock cylinders

If you try to unlock or lock your door and the entire lock cylinder turns without catching, you will require a locksmith. When a lock cylinder keeps turning, it can indicate that an internal mechanism has become detached or that a screw is loose or damaged. Either issue will stop you from unlocking or locking your door.

Professional locksmiths can diagnose the issue with the lock cylinder and restore or replace it if necessary.

Loose locks

Door locks don’t last forever. With multiple components that move each time they are used, locking mechanisms can become loose over time. You can usually hear and feel the parts moving loosely when you turn a key in an old lock.

Loose locks are easier for burglars to dislodge and enter your home. Calling a locksmith can solve the issue, as they can tighten up the screws that hold the cylinder inside the door lock.

Slow locks and handles

Do you need excessive force to lock or unlock your door? If so, you may find your door is suffering from a slow lock and handle issue. As this seems inconsequential, many people leave this issue unchecked. However, if ignored over time the door handle may become completely immobile preventing access and closure.

To avoid any inconvenience and the issue growing more severe in the future, contact a locksmith you can trust and get it repaired.

Resolve your door lock issues now

If you are experiencing any of the above issues, make the call now and get in touch with a professional locksmith. Expert locksmiths can easily replace damaged locks or extract keys by using entry methods that never harm your home door. If you require an Essex emergency locksmith, you can always count on Lockout 24/7 Locksmiths. Call 07840543661 now and make sure your home security is second-to-none with dependable door locks.