Do you have an expert locksmith on speed dial?

expert locksmith

For most emergencies, 999 is automatically stored in today’s mobile phones, but people across the UK all have their own personalised list of must-have numbers. While the services of a locksmith aren’t required every day, when they are, it’s often an urgent matter. While these days it’s not tough to Google a service speedily, selecting a locksmith isn’t always so straightforward.

Unlike a plumber or a roadside recovery company, a locksmith will be safeguarding your property and person by performing repairs on the mechanisms that keep you protected. This makes it critical for you to vet them to feel safe using their assistance.

Read on as we take a closer look at why having an emergency locksmith on speed dial is a smart move.

Round the clock assistance

Emergency locksmiths specialise in offering one hundred per cent availability to assist their customers. By adding one to the speed dial of your landline and smartphone, you can ensure that whenever you need their help, they’ll be there. From losing keys outside of office hours to a break-in during the night or on a bank holiday, you can count on an emergency locksmith.

Selecting your locksmith for speed dial

Before adding an emergency locksmith to your easy-to-access contact list, it’s always sensible to carry out research first, to ensure you can trust and depend on them in a crisis.

Typically, locksmiths will cover a specific geographic area. Make sure that your property falls within their bounds and ask them how long it will take for them to get to your address if you need urgent help. They should be able to give you an estimate of the waiting time you can expect so you’re prepared.

Find out what their experience is and what professional training they possess to ensure they can cope with a wide range of lock-related problems. There is no sense in having a locksmith on speed dial if they won’t be able to offer you the aid you need.

Read customer reviews to get an idea of the company’s professional reputation and the types of experiences people have had when employing them. Make sure they are members of the UK Locksmiths Association and carry public liability insurance.

It’s also important to check their pricing so that you know what to expect in terms of costs. It’s unlikely you’ll use their services regularly, so check back with them periodically for any changes to their price structure, such as call-out fees in emergencies.

Most of your research can be easily conducted by visiting a locksmith’s website, but you can always contact them for further details.

When will you need an emergency locksmith?

Home security is essential. If an event occurs that renders your protective measures vulnerable, swift action is always required. Being able to quickly call your emergency locksmith to resolve issues can be exceptionally beneficial in a number of circumstances.

Whether they are successful or merely attempted, burglaries can result in damaged locks. To secure your property, a professional locksmith is necessary to repair or replace the locking devices.

Old or poorly made keys can sometimes break off in locks, making doors no longer usable. If this happens, or if you’re locked out by accident or misplace your house keys, skilled locksmiths will use non-destructive methods of entry that cause minimal harm to your property but will get you back inside.

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