Common home security mistakes to avoid this winter

Common home security mistakes

As we head through autumn into winter, the nights start to get darker, the days shorter and the temperatures drop. One thing that can also happen at this time of year is a rise in break-ins. It has been reported that burglaries can shoot up by one third in the UK during the colder months! This naturally means that any homeowner should take extra care at this time of year to secure their property. Very often, this can be as much about knowing the mistakes to avoid to prevent criminals from going about their business.

But what are the classic home security errors to avoid this Winter?

Not changing locks after losing your keys

Winter is a season many of us love as it also brings Christmas with it. This usually sees people head out more in these months to socialise with colleagues, family or friends of an evening. If you have one too many drinks though, you could end up losing your house keys. If this happens, do not make the mistake of shrugging it off and using a spare set instead. If someone finds your keys and knows where you live, they have a simple way to access your property. It is much better in this situation to change the locks for total security.

Not having outside lighting

Most criminals love winter because the days are shorter and it gets very dark at night. This allows them to operate under the cover of darkness and break-in to houses with less chance of detection. A common mistake many homeowners make is not having outside lighting to guard against this. Without this type of security lighting, it is too easy for reprobates to creep around in the shadows undetected. A good tip is to install motion sensor lighting outside so it will only come on when someone is moving around in your garden.

Broadcasting your holiday plans

We all love using social media platforms like Twitter now to connect with friends or share news. One mistake to avoid in terms of winter home security though is telling the world about any holidays you have coming up. Lots of people like to getaway over the Xmas period and this leaves your home unattended. If you have told the entire world about your break, it is all too easy for criminals to work out where you live and strike while you are not there. It is much better to let those closest to you know about your jaunt in person or even via SMS.

Not closing your curtains/blinds at night

Another great home security tip specific to winter is keeping your curtains or blinds shut at night. You might not realise but it is easy to be outside in the darkness and look into a well-lit room. This is not always the case in reverse. The problem with open curtains or blinds in a room with lights on is that a would-be burglar can see where you are in the house, what valuables you have and which rooms are empty. With the curtains or blinds shut, they cannot do this and will leave you alone.

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If you end up losing your house keys on a night out over winter, it really does pay to change locks for total peace of mind. Here at Lockout 24/7, we offer a great value and professional lock replacement service. As our name suggests, we are a 24-hour locksmith. This is ideal if you lose your keys and no-one else is home to let you in! Get in touch for more details.