Best practices to secure your home front door

secure your home front door

Side windows, rear doors, and garages are all popular points for burglars to illegally access private properties. Out of sight from pedestrians passing by and observant neighbours, it’s understandable why these areas are ideal options for criminal trespass. However, research has uncovered that a home’s front door is often one of the most used entry points by those looking to steal possessions or commit other crimes against homeowners.

Statistics show that approximately 74 per cent of burglaries take place after thieves enter via the front door. As a result, it has never been more important that property owners take measures to ensure this access point is always well-protected.

A door left unlocked is among the most common mistakes that can lead to criminal trespass. Figures show that 32 per cent such crimes are made possible due to an unlocked door, whether it was by accident or due to neglect. While this may seem obvious, locking your front door before you leave the house or go to bed is the foundation of home security.

In the following sections, we’ll explore some other important practices that households can adopt to ensure their front door remains secure. Read on to find out more.

Never leave your spare key in an easy-to-find hiding place

Many people fear being locked out of their properties and opt to keep a spare set of keys somewhere close by for emergencies. Inside a potted plant, under the doormat and above the door frame are all common hiding places selected. Unfortunately, these obvious spots can easily be located by thieves allowing them to unlock and access your front door.

A far better option is to leave your spare house keys with a friend, family member or neighbour that you can trust. It’s also worth remembering that 24-hour locksmiths are available around the clock if you get locked out and are a much safer solution than stashing your keys around the outside of your property.

Don’t let your front door and its locks fall into disrepair

Over time doors can weaken and lose their shape. If they can’t close properly, a burglar can easily pry them open. A door in poor condition is more tempting to a burglar than one in good shape, as it will present far less of an obstacle.

If your door has glass panels, they may also present a significant risk. Glass is an easier material to break for burglars than PVC or wood, but it can be strengthened. Glass safety film can be added to glass panels that can make it more robust and prevent it from shattering if it gets broken.

Locks must also be updated periodically, if the current option installed in your front door has seen better days, upgrade it with a high-quality solution for improved security. The latest locks are made with high-quality materials to an exacting standard providing homeowners with powerful protection.

Consult a professional locksmith service now

If you’re concerned about your home’s front door security a professional locksmith can help. Offering expert advice and delivering a comprehensive range of services, local locksmiths can assess how secure your door is and can update it with a more formidable option if required.

Whether you need an older lock removed and replaced or your current solution is damaged due to a break-in attempt in the Essex area, you can rely on Lockout 24/7 Locksmiths. Broken front door locks and those in disrepair must be repaired immediately, or they represent a significant risk to your home’s security. Get in touch with our team today for advice and assistance.