A Guide to Euro Cylinder Locks

Euro Cylinder Lock

Euro cylinder locks are a highly popular choice for door security in the UK, offering a wide range of benefits and are considered the industry standard.

At Lockout247, we’ve been fitting these high-quality locks for several years for a variety of domestic and commercial customers. Here’s our quick guide.

What is a Euro Cylinder Lock?

Euro cylinders are based on the pin tumbler design and are probably the most widely employed locks in the UK. These utilise pins of varying lengths that align with the serrated edges of the inserted key, creating the correct pattern for unlocking.

The euro cylinder refers to the specific profile of the lock’s cross-sectional design. With a cylindrical barrel structure, they are simpler to repair and replacements offer the option to change the key to improve security. By simply loosening a screw, sliding out the cylinder, and replacing it with one of the same size, the key can quickly be updated.

Euro profile cylinder door locks exhibit a versatile design compatible with various door types and keys. These locks are suitable for both internal and external doors, providing an efficient security solution for both domestic and commercial customers. The number of pins within euro cylinder locks can vary, with some models featuring five pins and others six. Opting for six-pin locks essentially increases security, making them ideal for external doors as they are more resistant to forced entry.

Euro cylinder locks can be fitted to many types of door, including:

  • uPVC doors.
  • Aluminium doors.
  • Wooden doors.
  • Garage doors.
  • Storage units.
  • Patio and French doors.
  • Steel doors.

In office buildings or factories, where specific spaces require additional security, euro cylinder locks prove advantageous. For such scenarios, a cost-effective five-pin model would generally suffice but it’s important to work closely with an experienced locksmith rather than fitting yourself.

Types of Euro Cylinder Locks

Euro cylinder locks come in a few different types, each catering to specific requirements. These include:

Half Euro Cylinder

Half-euro cylinders, also known as single-euro cylinders, are shorter in length than other locks. These are designed for locations where key access is required from only one direction, such as garage doors.

Double Euro Cylinder

Double euro cylinders, or full euro cylinders, feature keys at both ends. This design allows locking and unlocking from either side, making them more secure and accessible. Double euro cylinders are commonly used for front and back doors.

Thumb-Turn Euro Cylinder Locks

Thumb-turn euro cylinders offer expedited operation in emergencies. Requiring only thumb pressure to release, these locks give you much quicker access. Thumb-turn euro cylinders are available in two varieties: full models, combining a keypad on one side with a key lock on the other, and half models, featuring a keypad only.

Anti-Snap Euro Cylinder

Anti-snap euro cylinder locks are specifically designed to resist lock snapping, a common technique used by burglars to break locks. These locks feature an incision called a sacrificial snap line along the outer casing. When force is applied, the snap line breaks, but the central locking mechanism remains intact.

High-Security Locks

Apart from anti-snap models, high-security euro cylinder locks include:

  • Anti-Pick Locks: Designed to withstand lock picking, these make manipulation of internal pins significantly more challenging.
  • Anti-Drill Locks: Made from specially hardened steel, these prevent brute force attacks using drilling equipment.
  • Anti-Bump Locks: These feature unique pin levels accessible only with special key grooves. This prevents the internal cylinder from rotating when pressure is applied, thwarting bumping techniques used by criminals.

How Does a Euro Cylinder Lock Work?

Euro cylinder locks operate through a set of pins, generally five or six in number. The upper pins are of equal length, flat on both ends and connected to springs. Conversely, the lower pins have uneven lengths and tapered ends.

The key blade contains a distinct pattern of indents that corresponds to the varying lengths of the lower pins. When the key is inserted, it pushes the lower pins upward, aligning them flush against the upper pins.

This action allows the cam, the projecting part of the lock, to manipulate the internal bolt, thus opening or closing the door. Incorrectly inserting the key will fail to align the lower pins with the indent pattern, rendering the lock unresponsive.

Opting for a six-pin lock increases the lock’s resistance against picking or forcing, making it a more secure choice.

Enhancing Security

Euro cylinder locks provide reliable security when sourced from reputable manufacturers. It is crucial to consider the door’s location and the desired level of security. Security experts recommend installing a six-pin lock for all exterior doors, ensuring robust protection against unauthorized entry. Again it’s worth getting advice from an expert team of locksmiths if you are looking to change your locks and want them to be as secure as possible.

Choosing the Right Lock Size

Euro cylinder locks are available in various sizes to accommodate different door thicknesses. To determine the appropriate lock size, measure the door’s thickness first.

Full-size euro locks typically range between 60mm and 120mm, with the central cam positioned precisely halfway along the barrel. Meanwhile, half-euro cylinders average between 40mm and 50mm in length. These lengths may be presented as whole numbers or two halves. For example, a 40 x 40mm euro lock indicates a total length of 80mm.

For uPVC doors, which have unique dimensions, compatible locks generally have uneven lock cylinder sizes. An 85mm uPVC euro lock, for instance, might have a size of 45mm on one side and 40mm on the other.

With their various types and high-security features, these locks cater to diverse needs whether you are a homeowner in Essex or run a business. By understanding the functionality, suitability and sizing of different locks, you can make a more informed decision when selecting euro them for your property.

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