7 services that locksmiths provide

7 services that locksmiths provide

When describing the services of a locksmith, you are likely to mention picking locks and stop at that. While this is a locksmith’s best-known task, they also specialise in several services. Here are other areas that locksmiths are experts in.

1. Cutting keys

Key cutting is one of the most common specialities for a locksmith that calls for the creation of new keys or the duplication of existing ones. Among the types of locks that a local locksmith deals with includes front and back doors, uPVC doors as well as padlocks. Additionally, a locksmith’s skills in key cutting also extend to cabinet doors and other household storage facilities that call for tight security.

2. Repairing locks for safes

Safes are not your everyday house appliances and may you leave you wondering who to trust when they get faulty. Luckily, this is another area that an emergency locksmith deals in. From repairing a broken lock on digital safes to fixing vaults on dial lock options, locksmiths will guarantee that your most valuable possessions are kept safe. If you also need installation services for safes, a locksmith will help you decide where to securely tuck it away.

3. Fitting window and door locks

What happens when you need to move into a new house or need to change locks after a break-in? You call a local locksmith. Security is vital to your home with the only solution being a professional who will not take advantage of security breaches. Locksmiths are trained to handle such repairs and fittings on commercial and residential properties, ensuring you can enjoy the security and comfort of your space.

4. Upgrading security systems

While locks and keys are considered to be the most reliable safeguards against theft, electronic systems have also secured a top spot among security tools. If you are looking to make a switch to the latter, consider hiring a local locksmith for your installation. Professional locksmiths will upgrade any traditional security systems to modern security features that match your needs. With this, you can enjoy sound systems that prevent unauthorised individuals from getting into your premises.

5. Letterbox and garage lock repairs and fittings

Letterbox and garage locks are often a forgotten part of access that is just as important as door locks. Where garage locks act as points of entry into your residential area, letterboxes contain vital information regarding your personal and work life. So, how do you secure them? By hiring an emergency locksmith to install the right locks for added security. Locksmiths can also help you change locks if your letterbox or garage lock shows signs of wear and tear.

6. Auto locksmith services

Locksmiths are not just good for your house locks. They are also a go-to when faced with car-related emergencies. If you lock yourself out or have someone locked in your car, simply dial your local locksmith for help. Additionally, auto locksmith services can also come in handy when you have a broken lock, lose your keys or have a jammed ignition. If you also need help programming or reprogramming remote keys, your local locksmith is your best bet.

7. Round-the-clock emergency services

Providing a 24-hour locksmith call out service is the last area of speciality for an emergency locksmith. With such an option, you no longer have to worry about any lost keys or locked-out-of-house scenarios on those late nights.

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