5 top tips for securing your front door

Securing your front door

Back doors, windows and the garage might seem like obvious entry points for nefarious burglars looking to swipe your treasured possessions, but it is actually the front door that is one of the most common points through which thieves enter a home.

Studies have shown that between 34% and 74% of burglaries occur with the thieves entering through the front door. This stunning statistic highlights how profoundly important it is to ensure that you do all you can to secure this point of access.

So what are some great ways to stop burglars from getting through your front door?

1. Make sure your front door is locked

This might sound obvious, but locking your front door when you leave in the morning or when you go to bed at night is one of the best ways you can protect your home against burglaries. Shockingly, 32% of home invasions take place through an unlocked door. Even when you’re at home alone or with your family, it’s far safer to keep the front door locked to protect against anyone simply walking through your door and harming you or stealing your possessions. This is one of the simplest and easiest ways to secure your home from harm.

2. Don’t leave a spare key in an obvious hiding place

It’s a common fear for people to worry about getting locked out of their home. With this in mind, many people hide a spare key outside under a doormat or plant pot. However, this is like taking candy from a baby for burglars. They can easily locate the key and utilise it to enter your home. Instead, you could leave a spare key with a trusted family member, friend or neighbour. In the event that you do face lost keys or get locked out of your house, don’t panic. You can quickly enlist the services of an emergency locksmith to help you regain entry to your house.

3. Keep your front door in good repair

If your uPVC front door is in disrepair or no longer shuts securely, it’s time to rectify this perilous situation. An unstable door provides an easy target for burglars to batter down. Ensuring that your door is properly repaired will deter burglars from viewing it as a vulnerability in your home. Maintaining your door to the most secure level can also include opting to upgrade your front door locks to a higher standard, which will offer the benefit of additional safety and security.

4. Strengthen your front door glass

If your front door has a glass panel that is either intrinsic to the door or above, below or beside it, then it can pose a security risk to your home. Glass is a lot easier to break through than the wood or PVC of a door and so provides a weak point from a burglar’s perspective. Installing a layer of glass safety film over the vulnerable glass will strengthen it and protect it against shattering if it is broken. Some films also offer the added bonus of additional privacy or UV ray protection.

5. Enlist the services of a professional locksmith

For confident, comprehensive and professional advice, calling a local locksmith is an excellent option. A 24-hour locksmith service will be able to change your locks, securing your front door and making it safe and sound against burglars with bad intentions.

With a range of lock options, our team at Lockout 24/7 Locksmiths can also help you to upgrade your front door security, make necessary front door repairs or even change your front door locks if you have just moved into a new property. Call our experts today.